How to Start Creating SVGs Today!

The exact tools and strategies I use to create designs that have been downloaded over a million times!


The exact (free) tools that I use to create SVGs that have been downloaded over a million times!

3 simple but powerful tricks to create professional-looking SVGs. No expensive software required. (saving time + money)

✔️The secret hacks for knockout name designs and custom monogram frames that no one else is sharing!

Find out why we're the #1 program for crafters learning to create SVGs!

Over 20,000 crafters have already registered to learn!

This. Is. Awesome!!! ... I had downloaded Inkscape a few months ago, opened it up and saw all the tool bars and said "nope!" And promptly uninstalled it. Hahah. But holy cow the SVG & Me membership takes all the scariness away... I am super excited knowing that I'm going to learn so many cool tricks to take my crafting to the next level. It's like Christmas morning!!!  -Heather C.

A Note from Erica...

You know that saying, "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, 

but teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime?"

Well, after creating one of the top SVG resources for crafters, I knew I wanted to do more. You see, I felt like giving away free SVGs was just a band-aid on the REAL problem: that people didn't know how to create their own. That's why I set out to empower other crafters to learn to create SVGs and it all starts with this free training!

(it's free!)

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