SDA Commercial Use License Terms

SDA Commercial Use License Terms:

Commercial use licenses (as described below) are only valid for sublimation designs downloaded from our store (

The terms for the commercial use license are as follows:

This is a commercial license for PHYSICAL (NON-DIGITAL) use issued to a single user where lifetime sales of the End Product for Sale do not exceed 1,000 units.

Commercial licenses CANNOT be shared and are valid for the user that purchased Sublimation Design Academy only.

  • Upon purchase, this commercial license grants the holder the right to use the licensed designs on physical products for distribution such as tumblers, T-shirts, mugs, etc.
  • The commercial license does NOT allow the digital files to be:
    • used to create digital product in any format for the purpose of re-sale
    • modified and used for re-sale in digital format
    • digitized for the purpose of re-sale in another format (e.g. SVG or embroidery file)
    • shared with any one else for their use (personal or commercial)
    • uploaded to third-party websites, print-on-demand services or wholesale websites, including but not limited to Printify, Etsy, Merch By Amazon or Red Bubble.

If you have any questions on whether the planned usage is allowed under the commercial license, please contact [email protected]

By purchasing Sublimation Design Academy and downloading our files, you are hereby agreeing to the terms outlined above.