Imagine this Magical Scenario...

You want to make a 3D paper flower tumbler wrap so...

You describe the exact one you're looking for, press "enter" and it pops up less than a minute later!

Sound too good to be true?

Not when you enroll in Sublimation Design Academy!

Wait, will I be able to design...

3D designs?


Inflated designs? 

You bet.

Seamless patterns?



Yes mam.

Tooled leather designs?

Yes indeed.


What can't I design?

Honestly, not much

What makes this deal so irresistible?

Not only do you get access to our entire store of ready-to-use sublimation designs...

I'm pulling back the curtain, taking you behind the scenes, and teaching you the exact steps I use (+ all my secrets) to create those designs! Super exciting, right?

This is something that no other sublimation design shops do!

And the best part? It's so much easier than you imagined.

Think you need to be a Photoshop pro? 

Nope, you don't even need to own it.

Think you have to endlessly hunt for free images to use?

Nope you'll learn to create your own with AI that you can even sell!

Seriously, it's the coolest thing ever:

you just describe the image you want and use AI to make it!

Let's Take a Peek at What's Included

Module 1: 

How to Generate Images with AI

Want to know a secret? Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, creating incredible, professional looking images is as simple as describing the content and style you want and hitting "enter" on your keyboard. You'll will be blown away by this! (and you can even sell the images you create)

I'll share my #1 AI tool recommendation and exactly how to use it -- including how to set the correct sizing, create seamless patterns, and so much more.

Module 2:

How to Optimize Your Images

Learn how to ensure your images are high resolution (optimal 300 dpi) so there is no pixelation, crop your image to the correct size for any project, remove the background, make tumbler wraps seamless (so cool!), and use photo editing to fix problem areas like magic! 

The best part? I'll show you how to do everything with 100% free tools.

Module 3:

How to Jazz Up Your Designs

This includes everything from adding borders, text overlays, graphics and text to transform your images into personalized, professional looking sublimation designs.

Module 4:

Create Custom Templates

Learn how to combine multiple images or patterns to create advanced sublimation designs, turn any text or vector graphic into a fillable design, create tapered templates based on your exact tumbler size, etc.

What Our Students Have to Say

Sound Familiar?

You love making sublimation projects but you are so sick of having to buy your designs off Etsy every time you make something
(all those purchases add up)...

You want open an Etsy shop and sell sublimation designs but you have no clue  how to create those super popular 3D designs that everyone wants...

You've spent hours trying to figure it out on Youtube but no one teaches these skills step-by-step in an easy to understand method...

Don't be embarrassed!

The truth is that most people feel like this (I know I did!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course? Can I watch anytime?

When you join, you get lifetime access to all the course content - yay! You can watch all the course videos any time in one convenient place on our online course portal. Plus, any updates to the course content you will get for free forever!

What does this course NOT cover?

This course DOES cover everything you need to know for creating sublimation designs (think of this as everything you need to do before you hit "print").

It does NOT cover the process of sublimating on physical products (the steps after you print your design).

What types of sublimation designs can I create? Only tumbler wraps?

No, the possibilities are pretty endless! 

While we do use tumbler wraps as the most common example in the course because they are so popular, you can also sublimate your designs on to T-shirts, mugs, car coasters, wind spinners, wall prints, digital paper, seamless patterns, print & cut projects, clipart, phone/computer wallpapers....the list goes on and on...

You'll learn exactly how to create designs at the correct size no matter what your project is in the course!

I'm not super tech savvy - is using AI to create images difficult?

I completely understand. However, I promise you that I break things down so they are incredibly easy to follow and beginner friendly.

It may sound complicated but you will be shocked at just how easy it is... the basic process is just to describe the image you want, hit "enter" and wait for the AI* tool to generate your images (seriously, it's that easy)

And if you have questions just reach out via email! That's the beauty of joining - you get support!

*AI stands for artificial intelligence

Which AI tool do you recommend to create sublimation designs?

I have checked out all sorts of various AI tools you can use to generate images and there is only one that I highly recommend to create incredible, high quality images (I used it to create the designs you see on this sales page).

I share my #1 recommended AI image generation tool in the course. It is a paid tool but super reasonable pricing considering you can create hundreds of designs per month with it (only about $10/month to use the AI tool vs $200+ purchasing all those designs = 95% cheaper!) Plus, you could even subscribe for just one month per year and do all your image generation work then to create your designs. 

I also share my favorite free AI tool alternatives or you can use our free designs or images from free resources like Pixabay, Canva,, Unsplash, etc and turn them into sublimation designs with the skills you'll learn from the course!

*AI = artificial intelligence

Do I need to have Canva Pro or Photoshop?

Nope, everything I demonstrate in Canva I will show you how to do with the Free version as well :)

No need for Photoshop either - I show you my favorite free methods to use instead!

Can I sell the sublimation designs I create?

Yep, you have commercial rights to sell any of the images you create with our recommended AI tool. Sublimation designs (especially tumbler wraps) is an extremely popular Etsy niche right now with stores making six figures per year - you could be next!

And if you join today you'll also get access to our Seller's Design Pack bonus which is pretty amazing! It includes templates for Etsy store covers, professional looking mockups, how to protect your designs with watermarks, and even how to come up with profitable design ideas. Awesome, right?

Do you allow commercial use of the designs from your store?

Yes! So you get free access to our entire store of sublimation designs when you join (what a deal, right?) which you can absolutely sell as long as you are creating physical products like tumblers or shirts and not re-selling them as digital files.

Here's our full commercial license terms.

Can I have a physical printed copy of the digital course workbook?

Yep, you can print the PDF workbook at home or a local print center. Or, if you want extra convenience, we even offer the option to purchase a spiral-bound printed copy that will ship directly to your door.

What is your refund policy?

We are so confident you are going to love the course, we have a 7 day money back guarantee. Keep scrolling below for all the details :)

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer payment plans for all our courses over $100

So you can sign up for our Buy One Get One 50% Off Bundle of Sublimation Design Academy + our Canva Course for just 3 payments of $49

Please note that by signing up for the payment plan option, you are committing to completing all 3 payments and no cancellations are allowed after our 7-day money back guarantee time period expires.

What if I told you...

I'm going to take you behind-the-scenes and show you the exact steps I used to create all the sublimation designs in our store. You'd be pretty darn excited, right?

Well, let's do it!

Wait! There's More?!

Join Today to Get These 

Cheer-Out-Loud-Worthy Bonuses!

Bonus #1

Seller Design Pack

Tons of templates that will save you SO MUCH time if you are wanting to get started selling your sublimation designs...

  • Free Mockups (including a rotating tumbler template)
  • How to Watermark Your Designs
  • Tumbler Care Instructions Template
  • How to Find Top Selling Product Ideas
  • ...and more!

Bonus #2

Digital Course Workbook

Love having written instructions after you watch videos to refer back to? So do I! That's why I've included this 50+ page course workbook for FREE if you join today!

It's got you covered with checklists, notes sections, and cheat sheets for every lesson in the course.

You're welcome to print at home, at a local print center, or we even offer the option to buy a spiral bound copy to have shipped directly to your door. Talk about convenient, right?

But Above All Else...

Sublimation Design Academy will give you the confidence to finally create sublimation designs that you will look at and think:

"Wow, I can't believe I created that!"

...and other people will look at and think:

"Wow, where can I buy that?!"

Phew! That's a Lot to Remember!

Let me summarize it for you...


You missed out!

Meet Your Teacher

Hi! I'm Erica, founder of SVG & Me which is based on the philosophy...

Give a crafter a design and 

help them for a day

Teach a crafter to design and

help them for a lifetime!

I'm so lucky that I've been able to teach thousands & thousands of crafters just like you create their own designs. Their excitement after learning to do something they never imagined possible is the absolute BEST! 

I hope you're next ❤️

Our Money Back Guarantee

Sublimation Design Academy is a first-of-it's-kind online course to teach you how to create your own sublimation PNG designs from scratch (everything you need to know before you hit "print")

I'm so sure you will be blown away by the value of this course that I am happily offering a 7-day money back guarantee!

When you enroll in the course, you get instant access to all of our training videos, workbook, and TONS of cheer-out-loud-worthy bonuses!

Watch a few of the course lessons, ask some questions in our members-only Facebook group, check out our entire store of ready-to-use sublimation designs (which you get access to 100% for free).

If, after all that, you find the course cannot help you create your own sublimation designs, just email [email protected] within 7 days and we'll return your investment to you.

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